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"Fight School" ll
14 October 2017

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Sycamore Gap lone tree
27 September 2017

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VERY Hot Rod!
7 September 2017

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Confessing our sins.
6 August 2017

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The warmth of colours
14 June 2017

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Tally ho!
6 June 2017

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Bill Murray?
16 May 2017

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Ancient old newspaper man?
27 September 2015

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Press pack
18 September 2015

Thumbnail image

Proper beer!
12 June 2015

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Red hot and yellow.
22 September 2012

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15 January 2011

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Fading away
26 November 2010

Recent Comments

STEED on "Fight School" Vll
This is The End,my Friend ..........Nice serie,Curly...Well done .

STEED on "Fight School" Vl
Bad weather for Him: Caesar's a comin' .....Ay,Ay,Ay !!!!!!

STEED on "Fight School" V (Silly Tuesday edition)
Another great portrait of this Gladiator of Modern Times .....

STEED on "Fight School" lV
The Enemy ???? The treatment gives a dramatic mood to the scene ...

STEED on "Fight School" lll
First fight : Liberty or death .....

STEED on "Fight School" ll
A well done portrait,Curly .....Frequently,these comedians are real than real ......Nice shot ....

STEED on "Fight School" (Roman style)
Barbarians are back on the Coast !!!! Hide Women,hide Children !!!!!! This is a dangerous zone,here ....

STEED on Urbex
With HDR,Photography's more near of painting ......A treatment I Like,friend .....

STEED on Weathered
Yes,it's right ......Just some colors more,and the style completely different ....Good idea,and thank's for ...

STEED on Silly Tuesday Sallyport
" When I'm a Man,I'll be Corto Maltese,Father !!!!!" H.S.T,Curly .....

STEED on Heugh Breakwater
A kind of picture I'm fond of .....Love the angle ov view for this Superb monochrome,Curly ...

STEED on Sycamore Gap (super colour edit)
Sycamore Gap in a luminous splendor !!!!!! Nicev treatment,Curly .

STEED on Fine upstanding members of the community
Floyd's Story,part 2 .......Nice Birds out of wire ......

STEED on The summer dining room
An original place,yes !!!!!! Nice capture,Curly .

omid on Debating the result
:) such beautiful composition, colors, lights & shadows! Amazing!

omid on The summer dining room
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & graphics! Lovely room!

Bill on The summer dining room
Great capture of the room, Curly.

Existence Artistique on The summer dining room

Irene on Debating the result
I don't think I would mess with them. Great shot.

STEED on Debating the result
And it discusses strong,here ......As a Theater piece ......Well done,Curly ...

Existence Artistique on Debating the result
bien dans ses formes

PascalXLD on Debating the result
Sympa cette scène Bonne journée

Gérard on Debating the result
I thought it was at the entrance to a dietetic clinic.....

Wiberg, Ken on Knight Rider
The infamous Knight Industries Two Thousand......

omid on "Fight School" Vll
:( A M A Z I N G !

Existence Artistique on "Fight School" Vll
belle prise

omid on "Fight School" Vl
such beautiful composition, clouds, lights & shadows! Amazing series!

Existence Artistique on "Fight School" Vl
bel effet

Bill on "Fight School" Vl
Great series on the re-enacters, Curly. You have used an interesting variety of processing effects.

Ruthiebear on "Fight School" V (Silly Tuesday edition)
I like the gritty feel

Devi on "Fight School" V (Silly Tuesday edition)
Great shot...I do hope that wound is not real !

Existence Artistique on "Fight School" V (Silly Tuesday edition)
superbe recherche

Steven on "Fight School" lV
Beautiful tones captured in this B&W compo with great definition in the clouds!

Elaine Hancock on "Fight School" lV
They look like they mean business! I think I will stay out of way! A great black and white image!

Devi on "Fight School" lV
Great image... as Gerard says "When will we see schools of love ?" Yes.." Make love.Not war."

Gérard on "Fight School" lV
When will we see schools of love

Existence Artistique on "Fight School" lV
bel effet

Irene on "Fight School" lll
Good capture.

Devi on "Fight School" lll
Great capture !!!!

Existence Artistique on "Fight School" lll
bel effet

omid on "Fight School" lll
A M A Z I N G !!!

Hiro on "Fight School" ll
Looks wild !

Irene on "Fight School" ll
This person looks angry, I would stay away from him.

Adela Fonts on "Fight School" ll
... Obelix...? I love it!

Adela Fonts on "Fight School" ll
The Obelix...? I love it!

omid on "Fight School" (Roman style)
such beautiful composition, clouds, colors, lights & shadows! A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!

omid on "Fight School" ll
:) such beautiful composition, focus, DOF & lights! Amazing portrait!

Ana Lúcia on "Fight School" ll
Looks perfect, I love it in B&W!

grouser on "Fight School" ll
He doesn't look particularly pleased about it :)

Existence Artistique on "Fight School" ll
bon travail

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