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Confessing our sins.
6 August 2017

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The warmth of colours
14 June 2017

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Tally ho!
6 June 2017

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Bill Murray?
16 May 2017

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The wise old owl
7 May 2017

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Ancient old newspaper man?
27 September 2015

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Press pack
18 September 2015

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Fan club
6 August 2015

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Proper beer!
12 June 2015

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Red hot and yellow.
22 September 2012

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15 January 2011

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Fading away
26 November 2010

Recent Comments

Steven on Fish and chip shack.
Cool idea for adaptive reuse!! I guess this would be a private dining room? :-)

Mireille T. on Fish and chip shack.
I think it is the one I noticed when visiting Amble! Great place!

Devi on Fish and chip shack.
That is a nice innovative creation !!! Can eat fish STraight from the boat :)) Lovely image !!!!

grouser on Fish and chip shack.
an aSTounding place to eat I'm sure :)

Shaun on Fish and chip shack.
A great idea to have this as a chippy. Excellent find.

BiLL on Fish and chip shack.
The perfect plaice (sorry!) for a fish supper! I like the warm colours of the wood, Curly.

Existence Artistique on Fish and chip shack.

STEED on Fish and chip shack.
How much,for this Shack ?????????????????????? I Love the place .......and the picture .....Well done,Curly !!!!

Steven on Railway viaduct, Knaresborough
A splendidly framed shot of this viaduct as the lush foliage envelopes your view!!

Elaine Hancock on Railway viaduct, Knaresborough
Such a gorgeous view! I love the beautiful architecture of the viaduct and the reflection below. Absolutely beautiful!

STEED on Railway viaduct, Knaresborough
Smartphone is not a real camera but how deny its performances ? This picture is a nice picture,Curly ....Well done !!!!

omid on Railway viaduct, Knaresborough
such beautiful composition, colors & reflections! lovely view!

Irene on Railway viaduct, Knaresborough
Beautiful. Love the nice rich colors here.

Maedeh Ashrafi on Railway viaduct, Knaresborough
very beautiful shot. well done

Hiro on Railway viaduct, Knaresborough
Very nice view !!

Devi on Railway viaduct, Knaresborough
Amazing view...the reflection is perfectly captured ! The sky looks beautiful.....I like this ! In fact..I love this ...

Marjolein on Railway viaduct, Knaresborough
Beautiful this view in HDR

grouser on Railway viaduct, Knaresborough
The multi tool phone is starting to outclass the swiss army knife performance wise (not a difficult task I guess ...

Shaun on Railway viaduct, Knaresborough
A superb image of Knaresborough. I have been there a few times, and really like the viaduct.

Existence Artistique on Railway viaduct, Knaresborough

tataray on Railway viaduct, Knaresborough
Magnifique plongée, belle ambiance de pluie )

Steve Rice on Warkworth Castle
Interesting warm colors.

Elaine Hancock on Warkworth Castle
A gorgeous view. I love the effect of the filter. It creates a whole different look.

B. Thomas on Warkworth Castle
The filter worked very well.

Lewis on Warkworth Castle
Nice filter, the freshness of the greens is still there.

Lewis on Piers
Lovely point of view and processing.

Dimitrios on Warkworth Castle
moody atmosphere

Ruthiebear on Warkworth Castle
The pink tones create an interesting mood for this lovely view

Martine Libouton on Warkworth Castle
Une belle prise

STEED on Warkworth Castle
A picture looking like Turner's artworks ...I Love this,Curly .....*****

Existence Artistique on Warkworth Castle
bon travail

Shaun on Warkworth Castle
A very nice low tide image. The color is dead right for this shot.

grouser on Warkworth Castle
The filter makes for lovely tints

BiLL on Warkworth Castle
The filter has given the image a really warm feeling, Curly.

Oiva on Warkworth Castle
Beautiful scenery, gorgeous glow in the sky that creates the colors of the sea :-))))Haleja Happy new weeks my good ...

Anne on Warkworth Castle
Magnifiques teintes!

Devi on Warkworth Castle
Love the tones here Makes the image so beautiful....

Lena Che on Piers
Nice selected color, great composition.

Nicou on Piers
Quiels casiers de peche et ces tons merveilleux. Amitié

Elaine Hancock on Piers
Fabulous use of selective color. I love the sepia tone with that pop of green! A wonderful composition!

Harry on Piers
The colors here are wonderful. The green traps with the light sepia background leaves no doubt about the subject

omid on Piers
such beautiful composition, perspective & atmosphere! Amazing view!

Mireille T. on Piers
The processing gives a lovely mood to the place! Beautiful!

k@ on Staff wanted.
Excellent !

k@ on Piers
Love the angle and your exquisite tones !

fateme@@ on Piers
Nice colors.

Steve Rice on Piers
Nice selective color. I like the perspective down the pier, too.

Benkirane Thami on Piers
Excellent jeu de désaturation dans lequel le vert des pièges donne la pêche! Bonne fin de semaine ...

Willem on Piers
Fine processing here.

Ruthiebear on Piers
Love the selective color and the faded treatment.

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