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Time for a clean up!

Posted by
Curly (South Shields, United Kingdom) on 5 March 2012 in Miscellaneous and Portfolio.

Many thanks to Ursulakaterina for suggesting that I use a live distro of Linux Ubuntu to access my Windows files and folders, I wish I'd thought of that earlier, I had a copy on disc sitting idle. Anyway, all of my recent pictures are now safely stored on my external hard drive and on DVDs.
I've also actioned an in-place upgrade of Windows with just a few odd little problems to clean up now, including a large Windows Update, but to be honest I really enjoyed using Linux for a day or two and I'm sorely tempted to format my drive and install Ubuntu and make it my choice for the future. The only downside is that Photoshop won't run on Linux and I'm not really keen on the Gimp!
The answer to that is to install Photoshop and its plug ins on my laptop and do my editing there, once I find a decent way to calibrate the screen, I can then grab pictures wirelessly from the desktop to upload to AM3.

Hopefully I'll have Windows all cleaned up in a few days and then seriously think about getting rid of it for ever!

So "cleaning up windows" will be the theme this week with a set of pictures taken during a zoom down to the car wash at Westoe Bridges, South Shields. You must understand that there are no bridges there at all, but there used to be many years ago, and old names and places just get "died in the wool".

PENTAX K100D 1/15 second F/38.0 ISO 200 82 mm (35mm equiv.)

Use control and your mouse scroll wheel to zoom the picture/page, then control and 0 to reset to normal size.

Even though I may not be able to visit or respond daily, I always welcome your comments or critiques.
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PATRICK from miramas, France


5 Mar 2012 5:20am

Christine from Ellemford, United Kingdom

Like the movement in this, great in B&W

5 Mar 2012 7:27am

Richard from Ellemford, United Kingdom

Great shot, Curly. Glad your problems are receding. . . .you could always get a Mac!! :)

5 Mar 2012 8:03am

@Richard: If only I could afford it :-)

Tamara from Aarschot, Belgium

Good to hear your problems are nearly solved. I agree with Richard : get a Mac ;) Photos are so different on a Mac screen... Anyway, this b&w is very beautiful ! I like that effect... Have a lovely day :)

5 Mar 2012 8:05am

ursulakatariina from Leixlip, Ireland

I like this shot quite much, brings some old horror story in my mind.
Nice to hear the suggestion was helpful!

5 Mar 2012 9:02am

Tede from Aubenas 07, France

Great effect of speed, I really like being in the car! Good day.

5 Mar 2012 9:52am

J.R. from Urasoe City, Japan

Cool shot interesting effects

5 Mar 2012 10:25am

Z from Shanghai, China

The movement looks well controlled. Great image

5 Mar 2012 11:13am

PRASHANT from Mumbai, India

Amazing....love this "Horror" effect & reminds me Psycho movie...5*

5 Mar 2012 11:36am

peter.K from blue mountains, Australia

nice effect, zoom, zoom...

5 Mar 2012 12:02pm

Jules from Drayton, United Kingdom

Have you thought of setting up a duel boot system and have the best of both worlds! I have a version of "mint" (an ubuntu variant) on my laptop for experimental reasons but could never give up (yet) my windows environment; although a little bloated "7" is a powerful and stable beast. I also would never invest/throw money away on the overpriced Apple dream.

5 Mar 2012 12:06pm

@Jules: I do like "7" on my laptop, it's everything that Vista ought to have been in the first place, but that short experience with Ubuntu showed me how simple it is, it works straight out of the box, and hopefully doesn't have to go through a myriad of updates and driver conflicts every few weeks .

CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

Lovin the zoom effect here, we're you in one of those funky car washes that moves the car, or is the zoom you actually zooming during the exposure? On the platform debate, I have no great insight. Because of the work I do, I need to have "one of everything", so I've got multiple windows machines running win 98 through to windows 7, an iMac, an iPad, a red hat linux machine, iPad, blackberry, iPhone, blah, blah blah. They all have upsides and downsides-there is no clear winner. However, as I've mentioned before, I use an external raid device to keep all my data. That has kept me safe from inevitable disk drive failures, and whilst accessing data from a RAID is never blisteringly fast, it does the job for me. A standalone external disk is just as reliable(or unreliable) as an internal disk,, so that's why I don't use them. There is a nice bit of freeware called Karen's backup, that will copy all new files from one disk to another, so that might be an option if you have two external drives.

5 Mar 2012 12:17pm

@CElliottUK: Yeah the zoom was done during the exposure for this one, get the shutter speed right and with a steadyish hand you get a result. I make great use of a couple of external drives but my problem is that I wait too long to copy files over to them - a human failure.

Scene by Sharon Photography from Kingston, Ontario, Canada

I, too, really like the zoom effect - very nice.
With regard to computer issues, I am just moving (next week) from a desk top to a lap top - I am hoping things go well... computers are great when they work like they are suppose to.

5 Mar 2012 12:23pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

Follow that Mercedes. A cool shot.

5 Mar 2012 12:29pm

Mhelene from Paris, France

Great mood !! Well done !

5 Mar 2012 12:36pm

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

I second Richard's comment but sympathize greatly with oyur computer-related "issues," Curly , I do have to say that my iMac (and the wife's Mac Book Pro) are wonderful machines. I have an external disc drive but really need to get into the habit of backing the files up more frequently. At my age, it's just all too demanding for my brain. Now, THIS image is a magnificent zoom shot, sir. You have it fantsatically sir. Loved your "write-up" here, as well. All the very best, Curly and good luck with everything ;-)

5 Mar 2012 12:47pm

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

Super zoom effect here Curly! Glad to hear that your PC woes are almost behind you! ;-)

5 Mar 2012 12:48pm

Judy aka L@dybug from Brooksville, FL, United States

Sorry to hear of your PC issues ... and this created some interesting discussion re: MAC, and backups, etc. I MUST burn some DVDs and get more material backed up for what you referred to as the inevitable.
Your motion blur is terrific!

5 Mar 2012 1:28pm

@Judy aka L@dybug: That's where I probably ALWAYS get it wrong, I tend to wait until "My Pictures" folder is about 4 Gb full then burn it to a DVD and copy the whole lot over to an external drive. Normally it takes me only about three weeks to get the folder that full, but it chokes me to think that one could possibly lose hundreds of pictures in that short time. Must get into the habit of copying them over as soon as I've finished working on them.

CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

Have a look at Karens replicator. It's freeware that copies all new and changed files to another device, internal or external. It's a bit stupid in that it has to sit minimised the whole time(i.e. it's a program, not a process), but it does the job quite well

5 Mar 2012 2:52pm

Jason Politte from Conway, AR, United States

Really fantastic zoom effect and monochrome processing, Curly - love that dark sky!

5 Mar 2012 3:02pm

Adela Fonts from Barcelona, Spain

Your mission and the means to do seems right. I actually was not too much to explain things but it seems all too familiar! ... This image is superb. I love ... a great work my friend! ... Best regards Adela

5 Mar 2012 4:07pm

k@ from Paris, France

Super motion that makes us as if the crazy driver here, i love that sensation in photo.

5 Mar 2012 4:47pm

clodagh smith from Sacramento, United States

this is great!

5 Mar 2012 5:05pm

Roman from Thiersee, Austria

cool shot!

5 Mar 2012 5:17pm

dean musgrove from Simi Valley, United States

Nice! Kind of haunting.

5 Mar 2012 5:28pm

Williams from East LaHave, Nova Scotia, Canada

Great motion shot. Hope the car stopped before it crashed into something. Speaking of crashing when I hear about PC Windows problems my stock answer is to come out of the dark & get a Mac. Cheers,

5 Mar 2012 5:30pm

@Williams: A Mac..............I could never afford it :-) Linux maybe.

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

Great movement coming right at us! I love how the windows in the background seem to project outward from the facade of the building.

5 Mar 2012 6:10pm

Phil David Morris, 2012 from Saskatoon, New York, Canada

This exploding effect works very well with this subject matter !

5 Mar 2012 6:41pm

daniela scharnowski from Berlin, Germany

I will have myself to take up some linux knowledge but as far as i know is it possible to use windows programs like photoshop on linux via software called "vine".

5 Mar 2012 7:21pm

daniela scharnowski from Berlin, Germany

ps - just read chris comment, he´s right - Karen´s Replicator is far the best and easiest program to maintain backups, quick and painless.

5 Mar 2012 7:24pm

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

Nice bit of dynamic movement here Curly, and a nice crisp tribute shot yesterday.

5 Mar 2012 7:40pm

Nigel from Avening, United Kingdom

Superb zooming.

5 Mar 2012 8:20pm

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

"zoom down" is exactly right. macs are not totally trouble free; however, for the most part, they are great computers

5 Mar 2012 9:14pm

Elaine Hancock from Rockville, United States

I love this effect! Fantastic b&w! I am glad that your pictures were saved.

5 Mar 2012 9:34pm

Anna.C from LA ROCHELLE, France

I love the motion blur effect !

6 Mar 2012 8:13am

Hiro from Kyoto, Japan

Wonderful zoom effect !

6 Mar 2012 11:27am

Don Levesque from Saint John, Canada

Wonderful sense of speed and car chase. I tried Linux awhile back and also liked it a lot. But like you, I had a lot of software than would only run on Windows and that I didn't want to give up. I had tried a software that helped Linux read Windows based programs but it was glitchy. So back to Windows I went.

6 Mar 2012 1:47pm

The Mouse from Glasgow, United Kingdom

Nice shot, sorry can't help on the pc problems, i'm hopeless in that department, but if you have any tile issues, i'm your man!.

6 Mar 2012 6:55pm

Julie L. Brown from Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

It is a good thing you were able to recover all of your files. I like your idea for the theme.

6 Mar 2012 11:58pm

franz from Baden, Austria

so that's where the idea came from - cleaning windows! love the concept thoroughly ... ;-))
(i'm looking at your blog in the 'wrong' direction, you see?)

7 Mar 2012 7:31pm

1/15 second
ISO 200
82 mm (35mm equiv.)